Undergraduate Majors and Minors

No matter what your major, you’ll engage in hands-on learning.  The faculty within academic departments are seasoned professionals with real-life work experiences to share with you in the classroom.  Our Career Resources Center staff are dedicated to helping you explore options, hone in on career choices, and search for professional positions.  You’ll learn how to work independently, as well as in teams.  You’ll engage in field projects or take a professional internship to bolster your real-world exposure.  With a low student to faculty ratio of 15:1, your professors will provide personal attention, guidance, and mentoring all along the way.

Graduate Degrees

The University’s academic strengths match several prominent needs for graduate study both in the region and globally. Over the last five decades, the University has developed high-quality master’s degree programs that feature an applied orientation designed to prepare you as a leader in your field, identified for career advancement.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs 


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