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In the process of transferring to our new address, we will shut down UDTSLearning.net on June 12th, 2017. Anyone registered for Summer or Fall classes should have access to the new site already, those that are not will not have access till the move of past classes is complete in July. This is a bit move for us - so I'm extremely grateful for patience. Let me know if you have questions, concerns, or can't find something you need! That said - here are some instructions based on what program you are enrolled in.

Accredited Courses

Master's level and Doctoral

(MDiv, MAMD, MACL... Anything that starts with an M!)

Non Accredited Courses
CLP/CRE and CLPlus Students

  1. Single sign on with campus technology has arrived! Login information is now linked to your ud network login. This is a great thing for consistency with other logins for campus resources (ie.: http://email.dbq.edu and http://my.dbq.edu). But it also means if you changed your password or had a different password for Moodle than for your DBQ email – it is now the same – all have been reset to the network/email password.
  2. Email addresses in Moodle will now default to your @dbq.edu email address. If you don't know how to access it - contact Nicky.
  3. As far as mechanics within the actual site – it should seem very familiar. Let me know if you run into anything funky or that you can’t find quickly how to do what you want to do.
  4. All past classes will be loaded in July.
  1. To access your summer course go to: http://udonline.dbq.edu.
  2. Your login will be the same as on the old site. (there are a few that needed to change with more common last names - so check with Nicky if you have trouble logging in.)
  3. All past classes will be loaded in July.

New students in the Graduate / Post Graduate programs -

One of the new things we are trying this summer at the University of Dubuque is called single sign on… So there is one address to take you to a few different places (but since I’m still not confident it will actually work or be helpful below this info is also the direct links to all areas!): http://mycampus.dbq.edu

For specific login information - contact Nicky Story (NStory@dbq.edu):

That login is going to take you to the 3 main places that will be helpful while you take classes with us (Here are the direct links I told you about to go to each of these resources in case you would like to bookmark the addresses directly):

  • My UD (account / financial aid information) – http://my.dbq.edu
  • Email (your UD email address will be your login @ dbq.edu – mine is nstory@dbq.edu – this will be used for all contact from here on out – so if you have trouble accessing it – please let me know – also – if you want to forward it to your personal email address – let me know and I can either help you do it or do it for you! J ) http://email.dbq.edu
  • UDOnline (Moodle – or our course management system – it’s where you will spend most of your time with our online classes) – http://udonline.dbq.edu

What do you need to do to be prepared for your classes that start next week?

  1. Buy the books! Course descriptions with book lists can be found here: http://udonline.dbq.edu/mod/page/view.php?id=301862
  2. Log into UDOnline as soon as possible, and step through the UDTS Orientation course.
    • Once you are logged in – you will see a link in the top middle menu for “My Courses” – you should at the top of that list some form of a “UDTS Orientation” and then some other random classes that every student is supposed to have access to even though you don’t really need any of them kind of classes. Go to the UDTS Orientation one and just go through the 3 different topics there.
    • Introduce yourself and participate in the discussion boards (so we know you know how to use them!! That is our primary “in class” time – so most classes require a bit of time dedicated to discussion boards. It’s also a great place to get to know other students – you will be spending a bit of time with them – so building community is always helpful!!
    • Make sure you submit the favorite movie/favorite book assignment which I believe is in topic 3 – this is one of the areas students run into issues with – so let’s make sure we know how to do it before you start your official class(es)!
  3. Check your UD email or forward it to your personal one – your instructor may send out into info there. - to check your UD Email to to http://email.dbq.edu and login. Your login for this site will be your username@dbq.edu.
  4. Check into your moodle course – at least by end of day on the Monday of start of classes. This means – go to the course site, read through anything the instructor has posted – syllabus – intros… and probably participate in an introductory discussion board. This is how you “show up” for class – and most classes verify students are participating in class at least weekly in order to pass the class.
  5. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or concerns – I am here to support you with the technology for taking online classes – so don’t struggle with anything for long – we can work though things together more quickly than alone!


    Blessings to you all and welcome to UDTS!!

    ~ Nicky Story, Director of Seminary Technology

Last modified: Thursday, July 6, 2017, 9:32 AM