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Warren Lecture and Concert will be held August 6-7. More information to come!

Gary Rand is Director of Worship Activities and Adjunct Professor in Worship at McCormick Theological Seminary. A veteran worship pastor, teacher, workshop leader, songwriter and music producer, over the last 20 years, he's helped craft creative, inclusive, diverse and participatory worship experiences for churches, seminaries, denominational conferences and national events like The Wild Goose Festival and The Progressive Youth Ministry Conference. He also leads the liturgical resource site, The Plural Guild and produces The Many, a music collective creating new music for worship.

Lenora is a writer, liturgy-creator, and one of the founders of The Plural Guild, a collective crafting music, prayers, visual art and liturgy for people who want to worship in ways that more deeply reflect a peaceful, just and open expression of faith.  She is the lyricist for the band, The Many, and because she rarely sleeps, she runs an ad agency called SmallGood, which is helping all kinds of businesses and nonprofits committed to making a positive impact in the world “grow their good.”

The Many is an indie folk/gospel, liturgically-grounded new kind of worship band, an intentionally diverse collective, creating music for people who want to do justice, love mercy, walk humbly, and follow the Jesus who so loves the world. Featuring singer/worship leaders Darren Calhoun and Leslie Michele, and singer/songwriter Hannah Rand, The Many’smusic is crafted for people to sing together…in congregations, small groups…wherever people gather to pray, imagine, hope for and work towards a new day where love and mercy win.

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